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Tahitian Sunrise Dog Refresher Spray

Tahitian Sunrise Dog Refresher Spray

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This Refresher Spray gives a very citrusy, fruity fragrance.

With deep undertones of lemongrass that smell like freshly-cut grass and lemon with an herbal aroma. We also use a specialty blend of essential oils to balance this scent with fruity, tropicals notes with a driftwood base. The smell is both crisp and light.


    This is an All-in- One moisturizing, nourishing, deodorant spray. Ingredients that won't harm your fur baby and smell amazing! Our Refresher Spray helps with dry, itchy skin while using high quality, natural ingredients including:

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR -  A natural flea/tick repellent, relieves dry and itchy skin, supoorts skin PH balance, and has antibacterial properties.

    WITCH HAZEL- Can be safely used on dogs to reduce the pain and inflammation that result from flea bites and for dermatitis. Also aids in soothing itchy skin.

    ALOE VERA - Natural nourishment for your pet. Aloe soothes the kin, promotes healing, has anitfungal and antibacterial properties, and provides itch relief.

    COCONUT OIL - Nature's miracle ingredient.  This ultra nourishing oil helps with dry skin and other skin conditions. It also helps disinfect cuts and scratches.

    Perfect for any occasion:

    • After the dog park.
    • A long walk or day outside.
    • After rainfall.
    • Skin problems.
    • Any occasion.



    • Water
    • Witch Hazel
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Unscented Castile Soap
    • Aloe Vera
    • Coconut Oil
    • Essential Oil Blend:
    •     -Lavender
    •     -Rosemary
    •     -Peppermint
    •     -Eucalyptus
    •     -Lemon
    •     -Cedarwood
    •     -Citronella

    Product will be shipped within 48 hrs of purchase. 

    Shipping Time: 3-5 days

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